Three Most Popular Myths About Reflexology – Busted!
There are many more myths surrounding reflexology treatments, but these three are the ones that I get asked about the most. Whether I’m treating people for fertility, pregnancy, or menopause issues, or aiming to improve their overall wellbeing, reflexology is a powerful tool that can make a big difference to how they feel on a […]
How Avoiding Toxins Can Improve Your Fertility
As someone who works with TTC, fertility, and wellbeing clients in Weymouth and online, I often find people worry about how exposure to toxins can reduce their chances of conceiving and how they may affect a healthy pregnancy. Both males and females can be affected. We do indeed encounter all kinds of toxins in today’s […]
Online or In Person – Which Option is Better For You?
Along with providing specialist reflexology that supports TTC, fertility, and wellbeing for those in the Weymouth and wider Dorset area, I offer consultations, assessment, and self-care routines based around your needs and particular situation. This can be done in person or online over Zoom. If you are seeking fertility advice for the first time, you […]
What Are the Differences Between IVF, IUI, and ICSI?
  As a specialist in providing reflexology designed to assist with TTC, fertility, and wellbeing for people in the Weymouth, Poundbury, and the wider Dorset area, I spend a lot of time discussing different fertility treatments with clients. These include IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation), IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination), and ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Of course, most people […]
How to understand sperm test results and what is ‘normal’?
What do your 'Normal' Semen Analysis Test Results Mean? You've just had your initial semen test results back, and the doctor/receptionist will says ‘yes it was all normal’, without actually giving you the report. Please, always ask for a copy of your semen analysis, it is SO helpful to have the actual document to hand […]
Fertility Language – What Do All These Abbreviations Mean?
Fertility Language can be very confusing and exclusive if you’re new to the game. I’ve listed some of the more common abbreviations here that you may come across during your journey to conceive, and hopefully this article will help you to understand them a bit better.  Save it for later, and do share with anyone […]
What a Reflexologist Sees on Your Feet
    What do reflexologists see when they work on your feet? These images may help to explain what reflexologists visualise when they are giving a foot reflexology treament.  Many people don't understand what we're doing when we knead, press and touch various areas on your feet, and how we can tell 'like magic'! what might […]
When Are the Best Days to Get Pregnant, How Often Should We be Trying?
When are the best days to get pregnant? This question is one that comes up frequently during conversations with people who are trying for a baby. I suspect that any education you may have had around pregnancy was probably about prevention, and not about promoting it! The advice I received at school made me believe […]
Gentle Release Therapy – Working with Three Key Organs
What is Gentle Release Therapy? Gentle Release is based on the belief that vital energy (qi) flows around the body, allowing us health and balance. This new therapy combines and draws from various different techniques including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, abdominal massage, Qigong (energy work), cranio-sacral and neck releases, reflexology, and acupuncture. The aim […]