Welcome to Weymouth Bay Reflexology, owned and run by Rowena. I am a reflexologist, and love working with my clients for pre-conception, fertility care and throughout pregnancy and into the early years. I work with all sorts of people, dealing with stress, long term health conditions or those looking for a lovely relaxation treat.

I specialise in fertility, maternity and baby reflexology. If you’re trying for a baby and need help to conceive, either naturally or via conventional IVF/fertility clinics, I’m trained to support you with reflexology treatments.

Do you have PMS, fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS? Having a balanced monthly cycle is key to feeling well throughout the month, and reflexology for cycle health can make a huge difference to your daily life. In fact, reflexology treatments can help care for women from puberty to peri-menopause and menopause.

If you’re trying for a baby – and finding it’s not going to plan? My heart goes out to you. I was in that situation. I know it hurts. It’s so upsetting when you’re seeing pregnancy and baby announcements everywhere, and you can’t join in.

My own experience of unexplained infertility guides my intuition when we work together, and my professional fertility reflexology training builds on hundreds of hours of reflexology treatments. My best success story – last year, my client S, gave birth to a much longed-for baby, after receiving just three months of fertility reflexology treatments. She said “highly recommend this treatment, after nearly giving up hope and being declined IVF.”

Are you at the point where you feel you need some specialist support? I can help. Book a free call with me to chat through what’s happening. I’ll be honest – if I think someone with different skills will work better for you – that’s what I’ll say.

Reflexology is a gentle touch therapy, working on reflexes and nerves found in your feet, face or hands, which help the systems and organs of your body to achieve balance.

Worried about what reflexology involves? Please don’t. Reflexology is relaxing to receive, you just have to take off your socks and lie down. It does not tickle, or hurt. And I don’t mind what your feet look like, I will treat them gently and respectfully. Working at home via our online sessions, we work reflexology on the hands instead – much easier than trying to reach your own toes!

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