In the Press
I'm very excited to have an article featured in the Dorset Biz News today! You can read it here:
Reflexology for…. menopause
Let's talk about menopause! Night sweats, day sweats, foggy head, interrupted sleep, totally un-plannable menstrual cycle, all the feelings.... It can completely change how you feel, and how you can cope. Lots of things can help - as a holistic therapist I can talk to you about simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you ride […]
Fertility. This is my big focus for 2019. Fertility has impacted not only my life, but so many friends too.  Trying for a baby has to be one of the most stressful and heart-wrenchingly difficult things to do, especially if you've been told you have unexplained infertility, or if you don't actually know why you're […]
Reproductive Reflexology
I am pleased to announce that I am offering reproductive reflexology treatments, for couples aiming to improve their fertility naturally. This year I am working towards formal certification by the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, and I am currently looking for case studies, so if you would like to participate in my research, then I would […]
Kids Reflex
For parents and carers Learn simple reflexology techniques, and use routines specially designed for you and your baby by experienced reflexologist and author Susan Quayle (who wrote the successful children’s reflexology book 'The Mouse’s House' which the workshop is based on). NEW COURSE STARTING JUNE 2018 - CLICK FOR DETAILS You and your child are […]
Reflexology and pregnancy
If you're pregnant, or trying to conceive, reflexology can help you feel relaxed, improve your mood, relieve tension, have better quality sleep and enjoy a sense of wellbeing during pregnancy. During conception and pregnancy, reflexology aims to optimise the physical and emotional health of pregnant women. It works holistically – your reflexologist can provide general […]
Continuing Professional Development
Earlier this week, due to a rainy morning and a child off school, I was busy updating my CPD folder. As a member of two professional organisations (Association of Reflexologists, and the Federation of Holistic Therapists), I have to commit to a minimum level of continuing professional development (CPD) every year.  This means that I […]