What is ovulation?
Do you what ovulation is? And what is its purpose?Ovulation is … the main event of your monthly cycle. Hopefully your hormones have been doing their job during the follicular phase (see previous posts), your follicles have produced enough oestrogen and an egg has matured enough to rupture the follicle!A surge of luteinising hormone (LH) […]
The Roller-Coaster Ride!
Once again, I find myself in the situation of having to temporarily close for hands-on treatments. Even though we know that touch and social contact with other humans are essential to both good mental and physical health, the government does not see complementary therapies as essential services. I am hopeful that this closure will be […]
In the Press
I’m very excited to have an article featured in the Dorset Biz News today! You can read it here: https://www.dorsetbiznews.co.uk/fertility-reflexologist-using-her-own-experience-to-help-others-is-able-to-continue-due-to-zoom/
Treatment room update
Reflexology for…. menopause
Let’s talk about menopause! Night sweats, day sweats, foggy head, interrupted sleep, totally un-plannable menstrual cycle, all the feelings…. It can completely change how you feel, and how you can cope. Lots of things can help – as a holistic therapist I can talk to you about simple lifestyle adjustments that can help you ride […]
Fertility. This is my big focus for 2019. Fertility has impacted not only my life, but so many friends too.  Trying for a baby has to be one of the most stressful and heart-wrenchingly difficult things to do, especially if you’ve been told you have unexplained infertility, or if you don’t actually know why you’re […]
Kids Reflex in Dorchester
I am pleased to announce that Kids Reflex is now available for families in Dorchester and the surrounding villages. An award winning programme, supporting bonding and wellbeing in you and your children, giving you specific, easy actions to take when you need it most.  This baby reflexology course is for parents/carers, taught by a specialist […]
Reproductive Reflexology
I am pleased to announce that I am offering reproductive reflexology treatments, for couples aiming to improve their fertility naturally. This year I am working towards formal certification by the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, and I am currently looking for case studies, so if you would like to participate in my research, then I would […]
One less thing to worry about!
You can now pay for reflexology treatments online, which means you can come for your treatment without needing your purse.  You can also buy treatments and luxury packages as gifts for friends and family – great for birthdays, special occasions and treats. It’s quick and easy to do – payment options can be found here […]