Fertility & Wellbeing in Weymouth

Tuesday Tip
Tuesday Tip – Drink your water! I advise all my clients to drink plenty of water, especially the first few hours after a treatment. Why? Drinking water helps your body to balance all the fluids you need to keep you alive, and nourishes your cells, tissues and organs for healthy fertility⁠ (this goes for men […]
Week of self care
If you’re following my pages on Instagram or Facebook, you might have seen some of my week of self care tips. If not, don’t worry, I’m adding them all here for my lovely website viewers! Day One – Take a shower  (or run a deliciously deep bath). ENJOY the hot water, feel how gorgeous it is […]
Do you know what’s in your deodorant?
Do you know what’s in your deodorant? I found a great app, recommended by another instagrammer, called yuka_app. You can use it to scan product barcodes and find out *exactly* what is in them. Have a look at the picture to see some of the nasties in my daughter’s deodorant. Needless to say, we’ll be […]
What I Do
Reflexology for fertility, and women’s wellbeing. That’s what I do – help support your fertility naturally – whether that’s : to sort out monthly cycles so your PMS isn’t bothering you preparation for natural conception helping regulate PCOS / endo /fibroids support for all kinds of assisted fertility treatment reflexology for pregnancy, labour and fourth […]
Men’s Health Week 2020
During this week, I’ll be adding posts to my social media with links to useful articles on men’s health, particularly in relation to their fertility. In my practice, unfortunately, I don’t see men coming for ANY reflexology very often, and I’d like to see that change. The majority of the work I do now is […]
What is homeostasis?
Do you know what homestasis means? It’s a term used in many holistic therapies, including reflexology. Essentially, it means balance. Within your body all the many systems that keep you upright and functioning are very finely tuned. Trust me, YOU are a miracle! If anything goes out of balance in an organ or system, it […]
What is a short luteal phase? And why is it important when you’re trying to conceive?
The luteal phase is the 10 – 16 days between ovulation (release of an egg) and the bleed. The phase length is governed by the corpus luteum, a temporary endocrine gland which forms from the empty follicle after ovulation. The corpus luteum is responsible for the production of progesterone, which supports the development of any […]
My Story
Welcome! I’m Rowena Gledhill, your fertility reflexologist. How did I get here? I was born in Weymouth and lived here until moving to London in the 1990’s. We were told we had unexplained fertility, after trying for a baby over a year, undergoing lots of tests and an operation. I was devasted, and then decided […]
What is the follicular phase (and why do you need to know about it when trying for a baby?)
Do you know what a follicular phase is (and why it’s important)? The follicular phase is the first half of your monthly cycle. It can last between 7 and 21 days. Teens can have a follicular phase of up to 32 days! It starts when a few follicles (6 -8) get to the end of […]