TTC, Fertility & Wellbeing in Weymouth

Online or In Person – Which Option is Better For You?

Along with providing specialist reflexology that supports TTC, fertility, and wellbeing for those in the Weymouth and wider Dorset area, I offer consultations, assessment, and self-care routines based around your needs and particular situation. This can be done in person or online over Zoom. If you are seeking fertility advice for the first time, you might be wondering whether it’s better for you to see me face-to-face or online.  To help you out, this blog post walks you through the merits of each choice.


I understand that some people may feel anxious about going to a new physical location for advice on fertility and TTC. It is normal to feel a bit daunted by the whole prospect. In which case, you may prefer to start by speaking to me online. Having these sessions from the comfort of your own home can make the process a great deal easier, along with providing that valuable extra layer of privacy.

Perhaps a greater benefit of working with me online is that it provides flexibility and convenience. You are saved from unnecessary travel expenses and spending time travelling to and from my practice. And if you wish to attend these consultations with your partner, or another loved one, it is much easier for both parties to be present when sessions are on online. Work/life commitments often get in the way of each individual being able to attend a specific place at a designated time. If you have a busy schedule, working with me online is the way to go. You can receive personalised fertility and TTC advice from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection.

In Person

Working with me online may be more convenient, but for many, in-person sessions are the only way to get the absolute most out of each session. Some people feel more comfortable being able to build up a relationship with me in ‘real life’. When it comes to issues like fertility, TTC, and general wellbeing, it can feel more natural to visit a dedicated clinic to discuss these matters, as opposed to sitting in front of your laptop.

And while many people feel most comfortable working with me from their own bedroom or office space, others might not have a peaceful home life at all. My Weymouth practice may be the safe and reliable space you need for accessing professional fertility treatment. Visiting the same place on a regular basis can become an important ritual on your TTC, fertility, and wellness journey. In addition, you might not have a dependable internet connection or the right equipment, space, or facilities for a truly private Zoom call.

If you are looking for consultations, assessments, and personalised self-care routines for fertility, trying to conceive or IVF support in Weymouth, Dorset, or online – give me a call or drop me an email. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.