Fertility & Wellbeing in Weymouth

Reflexology and infertility

Reproflexology and undiagnosed infertility – some numbers for you.

Pregnancy – 70%
Live birth rate – 70%

Success rates from a data collection study of 180 cases, published in Reflexology for Fertility.

‘It is important to be aware that these results can ONLY be attributed to using these particular reproflexology protocols and no other form of reflexology’

Barbara Scott, ‘Reflexology for Fertility, a practitioners’ guide to natural and assisted conception’ (Watkins, 2016)

Are you struggling to get pregnant? Have you been told you have undiagnosed infertility (i.e. “we don’t know why you aren’t pregnant yet”)?

Reproflexology techniques are designed to help you – by teaching you how your bodies work; using specific reflexology routines to support and maintain a regular monthly cycle; by treating male partners as well (remember, their wellbeing is also critical) to help optimum sperm health; and by discussing dietary and nutritional information which is specific to your needs.

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