My Story

Welcome! I’m Rowena Gledhill, your fertility reflexologist.

How did I get here?

I was born in Weymouth and lived here until moving to London in the 1990’s. We were told we had unexplained fertility, after trying for a baby over a year, undergoing lots of tests and an operation. I was devasted, and then decided that I wanted to retrain as a reflexologist, so I was about to leave my job and start a full-time training course.

I found I was pregnant (very unexpectedly) on my 30th birthday and my training plan was sadly shelved at that time. I had my first baby at 35 weeks (premature), and as a result of the trauma from this unplanned event, I suffered with post-natal depression and PTSD. My health visitor recommended looking into holistic therapies to help me, and I found a local reflexologist to give me treatments.

These quickly helped me to feel better, and also kept me well during my second pregnancy, and second premature delivery. We decided to move back to Weymouth with our two babies, so that I could have some help from my Dorset-based family.

When our children had both started school, I studied Early Years education with the OU. However, my experience of receiving reflexology, and the benefits I had experienced kept nudging at me, and then the Universe conspired to arrange my local college to offer qualification at a professional level - so I invested in myself, took a leap of faith and qualified in Reflexology with Anatomy and Physiology. I have since added to my original training with professional qualifications in fertility reflexology, facial reflexology, and baby and child reflexology, giving me a rounded basis to work with clients from pre-conception on.

My ambition is to support couples to achieve their dreams for a family, using reflexology and a holistic approach to support that desire. If you want to maximise fertility and wellbeing naturally, then I know that reflexology can make a difference.