Reflexology and Effective Pain Management after Hysterectomy

A woman in a blue jumper holds her stomach area as if in pain

Reflexology and Hysterectomy - Effective Pain Management

Are you, or someone you know, navigating the path of recovery post abdominal hysterectomy? Pain management and anxiety reduction are crucial aspects of this journey.  A recent randomised controlled study sheds light on a holistic approach which could help you - reflexology.
In this study, researchers delved into the effects of reflexology on pain and anxiety levels following an abdominal hysterectomy. The results, revealed after just 3 days, spoke volumes. Patients who received reflexology exhibited a significant reduction in average pain levels and anxiety scores.

Key Research Findings:

- All patients in the reflexology group reported feeling better.
- Reflexology proved effective in reducing both anxiety and pain.

The Verdict on Reflexology?

It's a 'Yes'! Reflexology emerges as a noteworthy ally in the realm of pain management post-surgery. The study underscores the tangible benefits of incorporating reflexology into the hysterectomy recovery process.
If you've undergone a hysterectomy, whether recently or in the past, why not explore the potential relief offered by reflexology? It's not just about managing pain; it's also about embracing a holistic approach to well-being.
Ready to step into a realm of healing touch? Consider integrating reflexology into your post-surgery recovery plan today. You can enquire using the contact form, or book a call to chat through your needs HERE.

*Öztürk, Ruşen et al. “The effects of reflexology on anxiety and pain in patients after abdominal hysterectomy: A randomised controlled trial.” Complementary therapies in medicine vol. 36 (2018): 107-112. doi:10.1016/j.ctim.2017.12.005.