What to expect at your treatment

What happens when I come for a treatment with you?

At your first treatment, we will go through a health and lifestyle questionnaire.  This helps to determine what your needs and expectations are, and to decide if any referral from a GP or other healthcare provider might be required.   This information is confidential.  If you are coming to see me for fertility consultations, the process is more in depth, to get a full picture of you and your partner’s journey so far, including reviewing test results, previous procedures etc.

When we have discussed what you are hoping to achieve through treatment – such as stress reduction, help with sleep patterns, or even just a relaxing treat – we will agree on a treatment plan.  This includes a guide to how many treatments I recommend you will need to get to your goal, and what kind of treatment would be most beneficial.

Reflexology is a very easy therapy to receive; for feet, you will only need to take off socks and shoes.  If you have booked for facial reflexology you will need to remove your shoes, spectacles and jewellery (necklaces and ear-rings).

Foot/ hand reflexology: I will ask you to sit or lie down on my massage couch, and then I will clean your feet/hands, make a quick visual check of them, and then give both feet/hands a massage.  This has the benefit of getting your feet/hands used to my touch, it also brings blood supplies to the surfaces of the skin, warming the muscles and tissues, and relaxing them.

Facial reflexology : I will ask you to lie down on my massage couch, after removing your shoes and jewellery. I will cleanse and tone your face, and then proceed with a reflexology routine using a facial oil.

I will carry out a reflexology routine, working various reflex points, to help you to bring your body back into balance.  The routine can change from treatment to treatment, depending on how you and your body are on the day.  Afterwards, you can rest for a few minutes, drink a glass of water, and we can discuss any after care advice.

Reflexology is more effective over a period of several treatments, and these can be scheduled to fit in with your specific needs.

How will I feel during or after a reflexology treatment?

You may feel relaxed during a treatment, and some people actually go to sleep.   If you stay awake, you may feel sensations in your body as different areas of your feet are touched.  It’s great if you let me know if you feel anything – such as tingling, slight soreness, or if a particular movement just feels really nice – as this may show the response of your body to the treatment, and helps me to focus on what your body needs.

After one or two treatments you may respond in a very noticeable way. Most people note a sense of well-being and relaxation, however, sometimes people can report feeling very tired, have flu-like symptoms or feel very emotional – this usually passes quickly and is considered part of the healing process.

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