Kids Reflex – The Children’s Reflexology Programme

For parents and carers

Come on a 5 week course and learn simple reflexology techniques to soothe, settle and bond with your child. You’ll learn to use routines specially designed for you and your baby for teething, tummies, allergies, coughs and colds, written by reflexologist Susan Quayle (author of the successful children’s reflexology book ‘The Mouse’s House’ which the courses are based on).


This innovative, award-winning programme uses rhymes, story telling and beautiful illustrations to engage you and your child, making it easy to learn and remember the techniques presented.  The courses are run in informal hourly sessions, and include full colour course notes, and ongoing support through a closed messaging group. If you’ve attended a 5 session course, you will have a complete toolbox of reflexology routines to use to support your little one through their early months and years.

What you get when you join me for a Kids Reflex course


You and your child are welcomed to small, adaptable and baby led classes, where you will learn life-long parenting skills to soothe, nurture and calm your baby.  Each week’s class combines positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology, taught to you by an experienced reflexologist and Mum of two, with a host of personal experiences of childhood ailments, including prematurity, dairy intolerances, colic and reflux.

Upcoming course dates 2019 – TBC

**Includes book and certificate of completion


Because classes are baby led, you may find you need to feed or let your baby sleep during the sessions – don’t worry as all the instructions are covered in your handouts, and we repeat many of the moves so you have plenty of time to learn the routines.  I am always available for questions after a session if you are unsure of anything we covered during a class.

What do we cover?

Routines cover basic techniques, and each week we will cover a topic such as – teething, digestive health, coughs and colds, allergies. You’ll also get some time out to relax, chat with other parents and share some of the highs (and lows) of your parenting journey in a supportive environment. *Please note, course contents subject to change according to the needs of children attending.

Groups are deliberately small, to ensure the classes are relaxed and personal, enabling you maximum benefits and attention – booking your place in advance is essential.  


Feedback from a recent course:

Enabled me to start forming a bond with M – significant improvement from the start of the course. Felt put at ease with ideas on parenting, no judgement. Great tools to use as M grows.

“It was really nice to experience some bonding time alongside learning a new skill, as well as being with other parents. I have used the handouts at home, and my little man was lovely and relaxed. I really look forward to attending more sessions!”

One-to-one courses: £ PoA.  

Available at my private studio in Weymouth or in your own home, arranged on an individual basis.  Bespoke courses based around you and your baby’s needs (including early birth, twins and multiples, etc.).

For more details on the programme, please visit kidsreflex or keep in touch via our Facebook page.