Issues Reflexology Can Help With

Welcome to Weymouth Bay Reflexology, owned and run by Rowena. I am a reflexologist, and love working with my clients for pre-conception, fertility care and throughout pregnancy and into the early years. I work with all sorts of people, dealing with stress, long term health conditions or those looking for a lovely relaxation treat.

I specialise in fertility, maternity and baby reflexology. If you’re trying for a baby and need help to conceive, either naturally or via conventional IVF/fertility clinics, I’m trained to support you with reflexology treatments.

Do you have PMS, fibroids, endometriosis or PCOS? Having a balanced monthly cycle is key to feeling well throughout the month, and reflexology for cycle health can make a huge difference to your daily life. In fact, reflexology treatments can help care for women from puberty to peri-menopause and menopause.

If you’re trying for a baby – and finding it’s not going to plan? My heart goes out to you. I was in that situation. I know it hurts. It’s so upsetting when you’re seeing pregnancy and baby announcements everywhere, and you can’t join in.

My own experience of unexplained infertility guides my intuition when we work together, and my professional fertility reflexology training builds on hundreds of hours of reflexology treatments. My best success story – last year, my client S, gave birth to a much longed-for baby, after receiving just three months of fertility reflexology treatments. She said “highly recommend this treatment, after nearly giving up hope and being declined IVF.”

Are you at the point where you feel you need some specialist support? I can help. Book a free call with me to chat through what’s happening. I’ll be honest – if I think someone with different skills will work better for you – that’s what I’ll say.

Reflexology is a gentle touch therapy, working on reflexes and nerves found in your feet, face or hands, which help the systems and organs of your body to achieve balance.

Worried about what reflexology involves? Please don’t. Reflexology is relaxing to receive, you just have to take off your socks and lie down. It does not tickle, or hurt. And I don’t mind what your feet look like, I will treat them gently and respectfully. Working at home via our online sessions, we work reflexology on the hands instead – much easier than trying to reach your own toes!

Types of Reflexology

Reproductive Reflexology

Reproductive Reflexology supports fertility, infertility and reproductive health. I am fully trained in fertility reflexology through the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists, learning to use specific and prescriptive treatment protocols, which I use to support YOU through all phases of your conception journey.

It’s important to realise that seeing both partners for an initial discussion about your situation can have a significant impact in the way your treatment pathway is designed, and on success rates – the male factor is commonly overlooked during fertility investigations.

The aim of reproductive reflexology is to educate, support and treat you so that you know: *how your monthly cycle works *about sperm health *treatments specifically for any female and male conditions *discover what dietary and lifestyle changes might make positive changes to your fertility *signpost you to other professionals if necessary *how to promote your chances of pregnancy.

Reproductive reflexology is used to support you with regularising monthly cycles, or improving the symptoms of conditions such as PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, fibroids etc., and supporting male issues such as varicocele, sperm quality issues and more.

These reflexology techniques are used to support you through assisted conception with specific treatment protocols, working alongside medicated cycles e.g. Metformin, Clomid, and with IUI, IVF and ICSI treatments (both fresh or frozen FET cycles). These can also be used to support individuals and couples using surrogacy or donors in IVF cycles.

I experienced unexplained infertility myself, which is what led me to train further in supporting reproductive health. I feel it is absolutely key to gain an understanding of your own body and how it works – this is often neglected or overlooked by some medical professionals – because this knowledge can lead you to better fertility.

If you’re struggling to manage your cycles, you’re already trying for a baby, or want to start getting your body ready for a future pregnancy, then Reproflexology is a valuable tool in achieving your goal. Contact me to arrange your FREE telephone/video consultation and we can discuss the best pathway for you!

At present, all my consultations are being carried out online. A full fertility consultation, assessment and self-care treatments shaped for your needs are also available to access via video/online appointments, meaning you can work with me from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

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Baby Toes –

calm your baby with online reflexology classes

With a Baby Toes Reflexology class, you will learn simple reflexology techniques to help calm your baby, all from the comfort of home. All you need is your baby, space on the floor, and an internet connection!

As a qualified The Children’s Reflexology programme instructor, I am able to teach you uses routines specially designed for you and your baby.

In our award-winning programme we use rhymes, singing and story telling coupled with beautiful illustrations. Techniques are safe, gentle and effective.

Classes cover the 4 main topics I get asked about for babies:

  • Relief of colic/wind
  • Supporting better sleep
  • Relief for teething
  • Reducing the impact of coughs and colds

The classes are informal, so if your little one isn’t ready to join in, it doesn’t matter – I record each session so that you can go back over what we did at your convenience. All your notes on the routines as well as ongoing support are included.

Virtual classes are held over 4 weeks via Zoom, and combine hands on tuition, some basic anatomy and tea or coffee catch ups in a private group with other parents.

Mums who’ve been on this course said:

“Enabled me to start forming a bond with M, significant improvement from the start of the course. Felt put at ease with ideas on parenting, no judgement. Great tools to use as M grows.”

“Fantastic, creating confidence!, the support group is great. So glad I met you, thank you.”

“Rowena was very welcoming, the pace was lovely and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I have used the handouts at home, and my little man was lovely and relaxed.”

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Bookings: Terms & Conditions

Video/telephone/online appointments:
  • All appointments must be paid for at the time of booking
  • Please ensure you have good wifi or reception for the time of your appointment
  • If you need to cancel your appointment, you must try to give at least 24 hours notice
  • If I am unable to treat due to emergency, illness or due to COVID-19 track & trace/exposure or signs of infection, your appointment will be cancelled and re-scheduled once I am able to treat clients
  • Any appointment that has been cancelled will be re-booked as soon as possible
In person treatments:
  • PLEASE READ before booking – and download if you want a copy
  • All appointments must be paid for at the time of booking
  • Any cancellations will be re-booked at the earliest possible option
  • Cancellations, due to sudden ill health, emergencies or due to COVID-19: if you have been told to self-isolate by the track & trace system, suspect you have been exposed to the virus, or you are showing signs of infection, there will be no cancellation fee. Your appointment will be re-booked once you are able to safely visit
  • If I am unable to treat due to emergency, illness or due to COVID-19 track & trace/exposure or signs of infection, your appointment will be cancelled and re-scheduled once I am able to treat clients
  • Obviously there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, and these will be taken into account on an individual basis

What to expect at your treatment

What happens when I come for a treatment with you?

At your first treatment, we will go through a health and lifestyle questionnaire. This helps to determine what your needs and expectations are, and to decide if any referral from a GP or other healthcare provider might be required.  This information is confidential. If you are coming to see me for fertility consultations, the process is more in depth, to get a full picture of you and your partner’s journey so far, including reviewing test results, previous procedures etc.

When we have discussed what you are hoping to achieve through treatment – such as stress reduction, help with sleep patterns, or even just a relaxing treat – we will agree on a treatment plan. This includes a guide to how many treatments I recommend you will need to get to your goal, and what kind of treatment would be most beneficial.

Reflexology is a very easy therapy to receive; for feet, you will only need to take off socks and shoes. If you have booked for facial reflexology you will need to remove your shoes, spectacles and jewellery (necklaces and ear-rings).

Foot/ hand reflexology: I will ask you to sit or lie down on my massage couch, and then I will clean your feet/hands, make a quick visual check of them, and then give both feet/hands a massage. This has the benefit of getting your feet/hands used to my touch, it also brings blood supplies to the surfaces of the skin, warming the muscles and tissues, and relaxing them.

Facial reflexology: I will ask you to lie down on my massage couch, after removing your shoes and jewellery. I will cleanse and tone your face, and then proceed with a reflexology routine using a facial oil.

I will carry out a reflexology routine, working various reflex points, to help you to bring your body back into balance. The routine can change from treatment to treatment, depending on how you and your body are on the day. Afterwards, you can rest for a few minutes, drink a glass of water, and we can discuss any after care advice.

Reflexology is more effective over a period of several treatments, and these can be scheduled to fit in with your specific needs.

How will I feel during or after a reflexology treatment?

You may feel relaxed during a treatment, and some people actually go to sleep. If you stay awake, you may feel sensations in your body as different areas of your feet are touched. It’s great if you let me know if you feel anything – such as tingling, slight soreness, or if a particular movement just feels really nice – as this may show the response of your body to the treatment, and helps me to focus on what your body needs.

After one or two treatments you may respond in a very noticeable way. Most people note a sense of well-being and relaxation. However, sometimes people can report feeling very tired, have flu-like symptoms or feel very emotional – this usually passes quickly and is considered part of the healing process.

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Get in touch

Contact me if you would like to have a chat about any of the therapies I offer, or to ask about booking Reflexology sessions.

Alternatively, you can call me on 07803416497.

My location

First buses 2 and 10 stop on Dorchester Road, with a 6-10 minute walk to my location.

The Weymouth Cycleway runs through Lodmoor Country Park nearby.

On street car parking is widely available; if you arrive by bicycle I can provide dry storage.

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