Fertility Resources

Here’s a collection of articles, documents and information just for you!

To start helping your body through its cycle with a simple tweak to your diet – begin with Seed Rotation which can help to support your body through the follicular and luteal phases.

If you’re already doing seed cycling, then the next step I suggest for all women who are having periods (including teens) is to chart your cycle using your temperature and observing changes in cervical mucus – here’s a printable chart and an explanation of how to use it.

I recommend Fertility Friend for charting online, they have a great (private) website as well as an app, and their charts are really easy to complete and read. Have a look at Fertility Charting Basics for a quick introduction.

If you find charting difficult, you’re being woken at night, or you don’t sleep for a 3 hour stretch at one time, then you may want to try Ovusense – an internal sensor used overnight links to an app on your phone – super easy to use and very accurate data. Do let me know if you’re considering using Ovusense as I can access a discount for you.

Male fertility can be boosted with a few tweaks to your lifestyle – here are my 5 Fertility Tips for Men.

More resources will be added over time, check back often to see what’s new.

Websites – lots of information is available on the web, I’ve collated a list of reliable sources that might help you. If you find something useful that’s not on the list – send me a link!