Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology originates from a combination of ancient Vietnamese, Native American and Asian techniques and theories, mapping reflex points on the face, which has been developed in recent years and integrated with modern reflexology techniques.

It is a beautifully relaxing, holistic, therapeutic treatment which is carried out on the face and head.  Facial reflexology can relieve tension that accumulates in the facial muscles, is effective in reducing stress and tiredness, and can help to improve the condition and tone of the skin due to improved circulation.  It also incorporates some elements of massage and pressure points to enhance the experience.

Isn’t it just a facial?

No! – it’s a lot more.  Facial reflexology is a holistic treatment, using reflexology to focus on health and wellbeing, rather than a beauty treatment which uses products to superficially improve skin (although your skin may look better after a treatment).  It works on an energetic, emotional and physical level to benefit your whole body and bring it back into balance.

What benefits can I get from a treatment?

The benefits of a facial reflexology treatment include relaxation, stress reduction and relief of tension (both in the head/face and body).  You may find it uplifting, energy boosting and emotionally supporting.  Sleep patterns can improve, and increased circulation in the tissues can help with sinus congestion and headaches.

“I used my Mother’s Day voucher and enjoyed the most relaxing facial reflexology treatment with Rowena. The treatment and tranquil surroundings were perfect.”

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