Baby Toes – The Children’s Reflexology Programme – online

With a Baby Toes Reflexology class, you will learn simple reflexology techniques to soothe, settle and bond with your child, all from the comfort of home. All you need is your baby, space on the floor, and an internet connection!

The Children’s Reflexology programme for parents and carers uses routines specially designed for you and your baby by experienced reflexologist and author Susan Quayle. Susan is the author of the successful reflexology book ‘The Mouse’s House’ on which classes are based. You can buy a copy of this beautiful book to enhance the story-telling aspect of our classes.

In a Baby Toes class, this award-winning programme uses rhymes, singing and story telling coupled with beautiful illustrations, to engage you and your baby, making it easy to learn and remember the techniques presented.

Next course dates are November 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th at 9.45am. Each workshop is approximately 50 minutes long. The classes run in informal sessions, include course notes and ongoing support in a private group, and costs £50. Fill out this form to book your place.

This introduction to the lifelong benefits of reflexology is now being delivered online – either in 1-1s, or via group video sessions.

Classes cover the 4 main topics I get asked about for babies: relief of colic/wind, sleep, teething, coughs and colds.

Delivered LIVE online over 4 weeks, maximum class size 4 parents. All class resources posted in advance, private support group, lots of fun!

Each week’s class combines positive bonding with the healing qualities of reflexology, taught to you by an experienced reflexologist (and Mum) with a host of personal experiences of childhood ailments, including prematurity, dairy intolerances, colic and reflux.

Lovely words from Mums who’ve been on this course:

“Enabled me to start forming a bond with M, significant improvement from the start of the course. Felt put at ease with ideas on parenting, no judgement. Great tools to use as M grows.”

“Fantastic, creating confidence!, the support group is great. So glad I met you, thank you.”

“Rowena was very welcoming, the pace was lovely and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I have used the handouts at home, and my little man was lovely and relaxed.”