What I Do

Reflexology for fertility, and women’s wellbeing. That’s what I do – help support your fertility naturally – whether that’s :

  • to sort out monthly cycles so your PMS isn’t bothering you OR
  • preparation for natural conception OR
  • helping regulate PCOS / endo /fibroids OR
  • support for all kinds of assisted fertility treatment OR
  • reflexology for pregnancy, labour and fourth trimester support OR
  • peri-menopause OR
  • what is making you feel less than 100% yourself

HOW can you work with me? I am working remotely with clients via video consultations and recordings. You can book your live sessions with me. I will have self-treatment reflexology classes recorded to buy soon, you can also book a virtual distance reflexology treatment with me for foot or facial reflexology.

My hands-on treatments will not start again until September at the earliest, so if you are looking to take action on ANY of the above NOW, then click the get in touch or Book Now buttons.