Men’s Health Week 2020

During this week, I’ll be adding posts to my social media with links to useful articles on men’s health, particularly in relation to their fertility. In my practice, unfortunately, I don’t see men coming for ANY reflexology very often, and I’d like to see that change. The majority of the work I do now is reflexology for fertility – however, when I see the female in a couple, I often don’t ever see the male, or find out what’s going on with them. That needs to change.

It seems like the role males play in their own or their partners’ fertility is being ignored, or downplayed – either by the men themselves, or by their doctors. As men contribute 50% of the genetic material to a potential embryo, I’d like to change that narrative, and work with both parties, as it makes such a difference – not only in the fertility side of things, but emotionally and within that relationship, where both parties are included within the process.

Anyway, off my high horse for now, here are the articles and podcasts that I’ve found for you, which might educate and inform you a little.

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#Repost @fertilitypoddy (@get_repost) ・・・ It's Men's Health Week and we wanted to talk about how Guys are dealing with what has gone on during lockdown, in terms of treatment being halted and how the 'new normal' potentially means they won't be able to attend appointments. We've spoken to Tom Webb @theeasybit before he'd finished his brilliant documentary and wanted to check in again, seeing as the film is now available for you to watch and even more important seeing as we know that the way couples are going to experience their treatment now, has significantly changed. We also speak with Morten Ulsted, co-founder @exseedhealth as home testing for sperm is a brilliant breakthrough when it comes to guys really not being comfortable giving a sample in the clinical setting. We know how it is so far from being The Easy Bit! If you're dealing with male factor infertility and would like to find more online support, do check out our previous episodes with a host of experts and there is a male only facebook group – all details are in the link in my bio. If you are happy to share how you are feeling about your experience of treatment and not being able to attend some of the appointments, do pop us a comment below xx . . . #menshealthweek #malefertility #maleinfertility #malefactorinfertility #menshealth #fertility #fertilityexpert #sperm #spermcount #infertility #infertilitysupport #infertilitycommunity #menmatter #ttc #tttcjourney #ttcaftermiscarriage

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